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Our Angels

This page is dedicated to those we have lost. Forever will they remain in our hearts.

Sandy & Peyton


We Honor the Memory of the great-grandmother of every golden we breed.

Sandy was "Clearvu's Sandy Dunes". She was a licensed master hunter as well as an amazing mother and friend. She will forever be in our hearts and her memory is shown in every golden smile we see.



We Honor the Memory of the beautiful sable Merle who taught us squirrels are evil.


Bella was "Clearvu's Belle of the Ball". When she was born, her mother rejected her at the time we had a week older litter of goldens, mothered by Sandy, and decided to see if Sandy would adopt Bella. Upon first look, Sandy immediately accepted Bella and raised her as her daughter. Bella was one of the best friends and protectors we have had the pleasure of raising. We will always remember and hold a place in our hearts for this amazing girl.

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